Welcome to the ECRP

We are a recreation collaborative that is working to craft and implement a sustainable recreation strategy for Kittitas County through a broad-based collaboration of land management agencies, partner organizations, local communities, and recreational users.

We’re just getting started!

Today, lands open to public recreation in the Upper Yakima Basin are at a crossroads as they face increasing recreational demand that land managers simply do not have the resources to meet. Coupled with increasing recreational use and stagnant or decreasing management budgets, the region is unprepared to deal with such pressures and needs to chart a new path forward to prepare for the future.

We have a rough vision for how a recreation partnership and community foundation can support sustainable recreation in Kittitas County, visit our About page to learn about our vision, guiding principles, and proposed organizational structure. We have brought the land management agencies to the table to begin early conversations about our vision for the ECRP. Visit the ECRP Land Manager Consortium page to see who is involved. Finally, a small number of recreation and non-profits have come to the table to start shaping what we desire to grow into a representative forum of motorized and non-motorized interests in the county. Visit the ECRP Recreation Forum page to learn about joining this growing group.

It’s Not just about the fun: Recreation is A Big Deal in Kittitas County!

1,800 Jobs

Here in Kittitas County recreation currently supports over 1,800 jobs making it a growing component of our local economy.

$185 Million

Recreation in Kittitas County generates over $185 million annually helping to support local jobs and communities.


The 4 million people in the Seattle Metro area are only a latte away and the area is expected to grow by 150,00 by only 2022.

2 Million

Kittitas County sees over 2 million visitors to our County’s hotels and motels every year supporting our local economy.

400 miles

Kittitas County has over 400 miles of both motorized and non-motorized trails that need regular maintenance.


Roughly 1/4 of all snowmobiling activity in Washington State occurs on the trail system in Kittitas County.


Kittitas County has over 30 campgrounds that provide individuals, families, and groups easy access to nature.


Kittitas County is 75% public land with extensive motorized and non-motorized recreation opportunities.